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The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America was founded in 1885 and by 1907 had registered 2000 stallions and mares. Imported as superb coach horses, interest in the breed waned as the world became more mechanized but was briefly revived in the 1930's when Alexander Mackay-Smith imported founding stock for hunters. 

According to our latest 2017 census data; there are 192 purebred Cleveland Bays in the United States and Canada.  Cleveland Bay horses compete in all disciplines of horsemanship and can be registered with many breed and performance organizations around the world.  The CBHSNA recognizes Cleveland Bays with at least 1/8th blood and with papers indicating CB ancestry.  

The Society maintains a census of all Cleveland Bay horses in North America which include both purebred and part-bred Cleveland Bay horses.   This census data includes birth information, sire/dam, percentage CB,  and geographic location.  The census also records and lists any and all breed registrations of each horse as applicable.  

It is the mission of the Society to promote the Cleveland Bay Horse, preserve its

heritage and ensure its future.  We wish to extend a sincere thank you for visiting our site!


Cleveland Bay Stallion imported in the late 1800s to North America


AGM Committee (2019 AGM)

Alaina Noble

Breed Committee
Gabrielle Gordon (chair),  Cindy Kiser,  Milinda Ellis, Bob Noble, Suzanne Mohler, Kevin Lewis,  Alma Stoskopf-Nickels

Membership Services Committee 

Milinda Ellis (chair),  Donna McDowell , Alaina Noble, Penny dePeyer

Nominations Committee (2019)
Bill Meredith (chair), Stephanie Meredith, Donna McDowell

Performance Awards Committee
Gabrielle Gordon (chair), Carol Carson (LAA), Suzanne Mohler 

Marketing & Public Relations Committee
Laura Brown (chair), Alaina Noble, Bill Meredith, Kevin Lewis


sub-committee (regional coordinators) 

Bob Noble, Alma Stoskopf-Nickles, 

Rachael Richmond, Margaret Grillet, Bill Meredith

Volunteers for committee work are always appreciated. If you would like to serve on a committee please contact the chair by writing

Board of Directors

Gabrielle Gordon, President: 817.905.6519 (C)

Cindy Kiser, Vice President: 540.255.2208 (C)

Suzanne Mohler, Treasurer:

Milinda Ellis, Secretary: 903.390.6592(C)

Laura Brown:

Donna McDowell: 317.223.1803(C)

Bill Meredith: 254.449.0522(C)

Alaina Noble: 734.306.9215(C)

Margaret Grillet  302-465-2200 (C)

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