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Texas Rose Show Results Are In. Congratulations to all those who participated in the Texas Rose Show Cleveland Bay classes on December 2nd!  The Texas contingent of horses is grouping together and getting out and about with their CB’s; Well done Texas! 


Cleveland Bay Division  Results  Judge:  Michael Elmore, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Purebred In Hand   

1st:   Foxhollow Seashell , shown by Danita Barton, owned by Gabrielle Gordon, Fryup Marvel x Kingsley Loreler

2nd:  GG Geneva,  shown by Jaime Stickler, owned by Gabrielle Gordon, Tynedale St. Dominic  x Genevieve

3rd:   Genevieve, owned and showed by Gabrielle Gordon, Tregoyd William x Braelea Park Wilful


    Partbred In Hand

1st:  Brazos Rose,  owned and showed by Stephanie Meredith, Monkton Elite (CB)  x  Hand Me Down

2nd: Griffin, shown by Jaime Stickler  owned by Gabrielle Gordon, Under Milkwood (Shayga Arab) x Foxhollow Seashell (CB)

3rd:  Talisman, owned and showed by Laura Bolerjack, Tregoyd William (CB) x Chex Our Beauty (QH)

Cleveland Bay Under Saddle

1st:   Brazos Rose, owned and ridden by Stephanie Meredith

2nd:  Foxhollow Seashell, owned and ridden by Gabrielle Gordon

3rd:   Talisman, owned and ridden by Laura Bolerjack

Best of Breed:  Brazos Rose, owner Stephanie Meredith

Mother Earth News Fair Opportunities. Mother Earth News magazine hosts several fairs throughout the United States each year.  These fairs promote heritage livestock, plants, and good farming practices.  These fairs include seminars where you would find a wide array of speakers to engage in various topics of discussion as well as many demonstrations that would span an equally impressive variety of subjects and practices.   A  sampling of topics include;  renewable energy, recycling, livestock & livestock practices, horticulture, affordable housing, farm infrastructure, medical self care, and more.  The livestock area specifically includes organizations promoting their respective breeds as well as breeders with livestock to sell, and vendors with wares to sell.  The fair organizers often graciously offer limited free space to non-profit organizations like the CBHSNA to promote awareness of heritage livestock.

If you are interested in an opportunity to  represent the Cleveland Bay breed and the CBHSNA at a Mother Earth News Fair contact info@clevelandbay.org to learn more.  The CBHSNA can supply you with support for such an effort via promotional materials, banners, and more.  A list of the upcoming fair opportunities are below. 

Upcoming fairs:  

Asheville, North Carolina April 28-29, 2018

Frederick, Maryland June 2-3, 2018

Albany, Oregon August 4-5, 2018

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania September 14-16, 2018

Topeka, Kansas, October 13-14, 2018

Updated - April  11, 2018

Cleveland Bay Purebred Blood-typing and DNA Depository.
Over twenty years ago, the CBHSNA began a working relationship with the University of Kentucky and later, Texas A&M University to study the genetic diversity of purebred Cleveland Bays.

Several purebred owners submitted blood samples and later, hair samples, for study. That analysis is complete, but unfortunately the results have yet to be published. 

Recently, both Universities ruled these reports are property of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America. All the blood-typing and DNA reports have been transferred to the Society.   The Society will accept copies of pure and partbred DNA files from all over the world.  Please contact the Society on how to submit DNA files.  The Society plans to archive the entire file with The Livestock Conservancy as a safety measure.  

The mission of the CBHSNA is to promote the Cleveland Bay Horse, preserve its heritage and ensure its future.  Because the Society believes owners should have access to copies of their horse's DNA reports if they wish, copies are available to owners by written request.  Request forms are available from the Society by writing info@clevelandbay.org.  Those without computer access may write by post or call the Society to request a form.  The Society will also provide the reports directly to other organizations (registries, etc) upon request.  Many organizations will accept DNA reports from other organizations, thus saving some costs to owners.  Consult with registries for their DNA submission protocol. 

Also, in keeping with the mission of the CBHSNA, the Society may provide the redacted file for research purposes upon request by accredited academic institutions with the goal to help the breed's future. Any research results we receive will be made available to members via Society publications.  The more we understand and can learn about all aspects of our breed, the higher chances it will be to survive for future generations.  

Posted CBHSNA Breed Committee - July 20, 2015


NE Cleveland Bay Classes. The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is grateful for On The Bit Events for offering Cleveland Bay high point for a second year.    Visit beautiful New England and have fun at these shows.

Summer Series at the Tack Shack ,  Show I - 6/13/18,   Show II - 7/11/18

UNH June Dressage (University of New Hampshire) , June 23 & 24 2018

For more information visit www.onthebitevents.com  or write info@onthebitevents.com