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Here you will find the most current posted version of the online census. This census, managed and maintained by the CBHSNA and includes pure bred and partbred Cleveland Bay Horses.  The data includes general horse statistics and references the geographic region where the horse is located. The data included in this census has originated from a variety of sources over a number of years and is a working document.  We welcome you to open and peruse the file to see if your horse is listed in the current census.  If you find that you have data to add or modify, please send an email to Additionally, there is now a separate census for CBs considered “Lost”.  If you know the whereabouts and status of any CBs listed on the “Lost” Census, please let us know so that we can update the census accordingly.

This file will be updated on a regular basis and reposted as new data is collected.  The Census is maintained by the Secretary of the CBHSNA but is reviewed by the entire Breed Committee.  The notation below indicates the date of the latest version.

A Census Form is available for ease of use when submitting your census information. Download Census Form.


There are several options available when it comes to registering your Cleveland Bay Horse.  If you have purchased a Cleveland Bay and are unsure if it is registered or not; contact us .  With our extensive database and records will be able to provide information for you. If you have a CB horse that you would like to register there are several options available.  The ICBR is an affordable Cleveland Bay specific registry which recognized pure and part-bred horses with Cleveland Bay ancestry and provides DNA parentage testing reports with your registration.

International Cleveland Bay Registry (ICBR, LLC)

North American Sport Horse Registry

Canadian Warmblood Registry

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation CLRC

United Kingdom - CBHS

There are a wide variety of other warmblood and sport horse registries available in North America other than listed above. If you need help or assistance with the registration of your Cleveland Bay, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Although the CBHSNA is not a registry we are familiar with all registry options and are here to help should you need it.  Contact us at: