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Join the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America and help make a difference for an endangered breed!  The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America welcomes you and encourages you to become a member of the CBHSNA Society. As a member, you will contribute to the preservation of this versatile breed, invest in a Society with beginnings in the late 1880’s and have contact with other friendly supporters of the breed.

Upon becoming a member, you will receive a Welcome Package of information including our latest issue of the BayWatch. If you are a Cleveland Bay owner and a member, you are encouraged to participate in the Performance Awards Program and will be eligible for awards and memorial trophies. Other benefits of membership are listed below. 

Membership Guidelines

  1. Membership year runs as a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st)

  2. There will be one uniform membership application for all members to use and can be found at the link to the right.  

  3. Membership renewals for the 2016 calendar year are due by January 1, 2016.    If membership lapses, all personal, farm and breeder information will be removed from society publications until membership dues are paid for that calendar year.

  4. It is the discretion of the Membership Services Committee to contact members that have not renewed and to encourage them to do so.


To Apply for Membership

  1. Download, print and complete the Membership Application (link found to the right) and send it in the address provided with your membership payment.  


  1. Use the online application option using Paypal.  Choose the membership that applies to you and complete your payment.  You will be contacted by the Chair of the Membership Services Committee for additional personal information (address, etc.) not collected by the Paypal system  to complete your application.  

  2. Membership applications are reviewed by the board at the next board meeting.  You will then be supplied with a New Member Welcome Guide. 

  3. Contact our Membership Services Committee Chair with any questions about this process.

Member Benefits

  1. Voting Permissions. As a member of the CBHSNA your vote counts toward the development of the Society, its programs and initiatives thereby making tangible and significant contribution to the forward progress of promoting, preserving and populating this breed worldwide.

  2. Performance Awards Program. As a member you and your Cleveland Bays can participate in the Cleveland Bay Performance Awards Program.  A program designed specifically to reward the participants while benefiting the breed with public exposure.  There are multiple awards as well as a variety of disciplines recognized.

  3. Making a Difference. Membership funds help the Society to continue to promote and preserve this critically endangered breed through Society sponsored programs; contributions to members for "show presences", various marketing efforts, critical DNA research and more.

  4. Subscription to the "BayWatch". The BayWatch is the CBHSNA's Breed publication that is distributed electronically five times a year containing various articles and information about you, the members and your Cleveland Bay horses.  The feature issues of the BayWatch are the annual Stallion issue and also the annual Mare Issue.  The BayWatch editors welcome member articles, photos and advertisements.

  5. The Chronicle of the Cleveland Bay Horse in North America.  Is a book published annually at year end distributed to the membership via mail.  This book is a culmination of all things Cleveland Bay for that year in North America. 

  6. Free Advertising

    1. Members are permitted up to three for sale listings (at any given time)on the CBHSNA website free of charge.  These advertisements can also be accompanied by a series of photos also free of charge.

    2. Members may request to be added to the Farms and Breeders page of the CBHSNA's website.  This may include name and contact information, as well as, 10 words of descriptive text with each additional word costing $1.00/year.

  7. Annual General Meeting. Each year the CBHSNA holds an annual general meeting for its members.  It is a chance for all members to come together, share ideas and most importantly to conduct society business and vote on critical issues.  All members are invited to the Annual General Meeting and encouraged to participate in all events which in the past have included; various clinics, farm tours, dinners, and more. 

Bylaws & Membership Application


CBHSNA Membership Application

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