Miscellaneous Sales

Listing of miscellaneous items would include but not be limited to; tack, trailers, equipment, driving carts, etc.  Please contact info@clevelandbay.org to inquire about placing a listing.  Listings are provided free of charge to CBHSNA members.

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Cleveland Bay Cross Stitch pattern novice level or someone who can convert a photo to a novice level cross stitch pattern.  


Gabrielle Gordon



Cleveland Bay Horse DVD

This promotional DVD is provided free of charge* to anyone interested.**

*shipping and handling fees apply.

**quantity limitations apply for members and non-members

Please contact info@clevelandbay.org for a shipping/handling quote or additional information.


Book:   Cleveland Bay Horses by Anthony Dent

A book written exclusively on Cleveland Bay Horses

(the only one as far as I know) Out of print and hard to find.

In used condition.

$79 CDN or $60 USD  includes postage for most locations!

Paypal payment to lyaciw@pris.bc.ca

Vendor:  Linda Yaciw, Legacy Cleveland Bay Farm

Several books available, all in good condition