The Cleveland Bay Stallions on this page represent both pure and part bred stallions standing stud with members of the CBHSNA.   If you are a CBHSNA member and have a stallion standing stud he may be listed here; contact   A colt may be listed at the age of two years old.    

Disclaimer: While the CBHSNA does monitor the advertisements posted on this website, the Society is not responsible for any misinformation that may be contained within any listings.  We urge all individuals that make breeding or sale inquiries to verify any animal's breeding, registration status, individual statistics, foal registration eligibility, breeders’ procedure for issuance of covering or AI certificates, and if applicable, semen quality.

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Sire: Ramblers Renown   Dam: Penryhn Extravagant  

Contact: Margaux Tip LLC  phone/e-mail:  304-671-8489

FOREST FELLOW dob: 1995 available in BC, Canada

Sire: Forest Farnon  Dam: Forest Flair   Location: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia  Canada  Contact: Linda Yaciw, phone/e-mail: 250-786-5860/

FRYUP MARVEL  (deceased)

Sire: Forest Superman   Dam: Bounty Bay Owner: Penny dePeyer

Contact: Margaret Coulter     phone/e-mail:  603-863-5193/


Sire: Knaresborough Fusilier   Dam: Penrose Bayberry

Contact: Donna McDowell     phone/e-mail: 336-984-4111,

RIVERSPRING LLEWELLYN (gelded - available for sale)

Sire: Knaresborough Fusilier  Dam: OldDominion Isolde  

Contact: Cindy Kiser, Riverspring Farm  

phone/e-mail: 540-255-2208/


Sire: Mr. Tobias   Dam: Timberlane Mulberry   Contact: Margaux Tip LLC

phone/e-mail:  304-671-8489/


Sire: Southbrook Warlord    Dam: Tynedale Jasmin 

Contact: Suzanne Mohler  

phone/e-mail: 707-235-2290/


EPIPHANYBAY ISSAC  dob: 2016  Located in MO, USA

Sire: Bensington Bluestoe  Dam: Epiphanybay Constance

Contact Agent: Mike Kerr, Epiphany Bay Farm  phone/e-mail: 540-845-4842/

GAYLORD YORK MINSTER   dob: 2015    Standing Stud in MICHIGAN

Sire: Idlehour Yorktown  Dam: Belladonna Xtravagance   Location: Clare, MI

Contact: Joe Miller   phone: 989.386.3679

LEGACY ROLEX   dob: 2017   Standing Stud in CANADA
Sire: Forest Fellow  Dam: Legacy Kelly (CB partbred)
Location: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia  Canada  Contact: Linda Yaciw,

phone/e-mail: 250-786-5860 /

LEGACY ROYAL dob: 2017   Standing Stud in CANADA

Sire: Forest Fellow  Dam: Kate's Cut (TB) 

Location: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia  Canada  Contact: Linda Yaciw,

phone/e-mail: 250-786-5860 /

PENROSE CLAUDIUS dob: 2004     Standing Stud in OH, USA

Sire: Knaresborough Mastermind  Dam: Penrose Pandora  Location: Millersburg, OH

Contact: Abe Miller,  phone 330-893-0116

TREGOYD JOURNEYMAN dob: 1999    Standing Stud in VA, USA

Sire: Knaresborough Chancellor  Dam: Tregoyd Suzy    Location: Round Hill, VA

Contact: Anna & Daniel Cohen, Bay Haven Farm/OldDominion Stud

phone/e-mail: 703.401.4054     web:

Belladonna Isaac

Tregoyd Journeyman

BELLADONNA ISAAC dob 2005   Standing Stud in CANADA

Sire: Penrhyn Tsar  Dam: Penrhyn Extravagant   Location: Shanty Bay Ontario Canada  Contact:  Alistair and Sydney Allen;

CHOLDERTON IXION  dob 2006  Standing in Great Britain  

Sire: Oakenbank Grenadier  Dam: Cholderton Quadrille  Location:  Densome Stud Farm, St Briavels, Gloucestershire, England

Contact: Cecilia Lindsay  Email: 

FOREST FELLOW dob: 1995   Standing Stud in CANADA

Sire: Forest Farnon  Dam: Forest Flair   Location: Pouce Coupe, British Columbia  Canada  Contact: Linda Yaciw, phone/e-mail: 250-786-5860/

FROSTYOAK MALACHI  dob: 2013  Standing Stud in WA, USA

Sire: FrostyOak Hampton      Dam: Peter’s Creek Jasmine

Location:Deer Park, WA

Contact: Jenny Youngblood, Thoroughly Bred Farm  phone/e-mail: 509-999-9152/

GALVESTON dob: 2013    Standing Stud in FL, USA

Sire Pembridge Midshipman   Dam: Foxhollow Seashell  

Location: Florida    Contact: Stephanie Sutch

phone/e-mail: 352.217.3616/


IDLEHOUR LIONS SHARE dob: 2004 Standing Stud in PA, USA

Sire: Ramblers Richard Lionheart   Dam: Earlswood First Edition

Location: McConnellsburg, PA

Contact: Sharon Hanna, Bay Hill Farm,

phone/e-mail: 717.261.7381/,


LEGACY MOVER  dob: 2012   Standing Stud in OREGON

Sire: Forest Fellow   Dam: Mzgrizzjacks    Location: Noti, OR

Contact: Laura Brown, Rose Hill Ranch Cleveland Bays, phone/e-mail: 541-206-2262

OLDDOMINION BREGO dob: 2009   Standing Stud in CANADA   

Sire: Tregoyd Journeyman     Dam: Penrose Willow

Location: Québec, Canada

Contact: Joanna Kretowicz & Sylvain Généreux    

phone/e-mail: 450-822-4069/

STAINMORE WOLFHOUND dob: 2000  Standing Stud in TN, USA

Sire: Southbrook Warlord;    Dam: Stainmore Scotch Rose   

Location: Rockford, TN 

Contact: Tracie Traver, Ridgemor Farm, Inc., phone: 865-300-7133

EPIPHANYBAY JACOB  dob: 2016  Located in VA, USA

Sire: Pembridge Joshua  Dam: Epiphanybay Serendipity

Contact: Mike Kerr, Epiphany Bay Farm  phone/e-mail: 540-845-4842/

Tynedale St. Dominic

Belladonna Pendelton

Riverspring Llewellyn

Fryup Marvel

OldDominion Brego




Idlehour Lions Share

Forest Fellow

Legacy Mover

Cholderton Ixion

Epiphany Bay Jacob

Epiphany Bay Isaac