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The Cleveland Bay in Publication

If you have an article that appeared in a publication and you would like it to be posted here or you would like to submit an article for publication, please email with 'Publication' in the subject line. Please include any pictures.

High Score Breed Awards To Be Offered At US Dressage Finals

New for 2014! High score breed awards will be offered at the US Dressage Finals.
There will be four awards offered by each breed organization that has chosen to be represented. Only scores from the US Dressage Finals classes will be used for high score calculations and freestyle classes will not be included.
The awards that will be offered are:


CBHSNA Ambassador Award


Purpose: To promote public awareness of Cleveland Bays by encouraging owners to exhibit their horses in public venues.Spin and her AA

Cleveland Bay Ambassador Award Program Procedure

1. Recipients need not be CBHSNA members to receive an Ambassador Award

2. Unregistered horses are eligible to win a Cleveland Bay Ambassador Award one time unless that horse changes owners (we can help & steer towards registration and foster good sportsmanship).
(updated 9-4-14)


Cleveland Bays Featured in USDF Annual Yearbook


SPinnakerThe United States Dressage Federation Annual Yearbook (March 2014) features USDF 2013 performance and In Hand winners.    Under All Breeds winners page 163, the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America winners Linda Birchall with American Jazz (OR) and Jacqueline Carpenter (WA) riding Michael and Carol Wall's (WA) Twinoaks Spinnaker are listed. Also included is a photo of Twinoaks Spinnaker.   To learn more about the CBHSNA All Breeds awards program go to

Attention Trail Riders!


NE Trail RideBeginning in 2013 thanks to Mrs. Corliss Walsh of Connecticut USA, the CBHSNA began a new sponsorship with the New England Horse and Trail Association.  This fabulous organization promotes pleasure trail riding in New England, and many may be familiar with this format if you ever participated in the past Cleveland Bay Jog at Natchog in Connecticut.   Sponsors welcome to support another Cleveland Bay award in 2014. Contact to help.    No matter where you live or riding experience, try trail riding.  Cleveland Bays love it and soon you will be hooked too!  (posted February 12, 2014)


Equine Genetics 101: Genetics Concepts and Applications

Considering the amount of 'ink' devoted to grading register discussion and the calls for a breed conference in the world of Cleveland Bays, I was pleased to find this recent article taken from The Thoroughbred Pedigree, Genetics and Performance Conference co-sponsored by The Blood-Horse in Lexington, Kentucky.



King’s Ransom and
Michaelann Dimitrijevich

Texas-based Gabrielle Gordon’s recent visit to California on family business led to an unprecedented impromptu gathering of several California Cleveland Bay owners.  Penny Wong of Lafayette, California, Michaelann Dimitrijevich of Atascadero, California, and Jean Schanberger of Burbank, California, drove from all corners of the state, converging in Coalinga, California, a small Central Valley town, to meet each other and talk horses.


CBHSNA Initiates Pony Club Recognition Program

From the Equine Journal - March 2010Pony_Club_Article_Photo_1
In an effort to recognize Pony Club members (USA and Canada) who participate in Pony Club riding a Cleveland Bay Horse or Cleveland Bay part bred or sport horse, The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is pleased to announce the initiation of a recognition program for both USPC (United States Pony Club) members as well as Canadian Pony Club members who participate in Pony Club on a pure or partbred Cleveland Bay.


Cleveland Bays: A Breed with a Hunting Gene

Photo Courtesy of Images by KC

From the Equine Journal - May 2009

Cleveland Bays have long been favored mounts in the hunt field, first in their native United Kingdom, and later in North America. Paradoxically, it took until the 2008-2009 season for these horses to be able to earn "official" recognition as Field Huntersin a new program offered by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America (CBHSNA).


The Versatile And Unique Cleveland Bay

From the Northern Ohio Dressage Association Newsletter February 2010Member_photo
Written by Elizabeth Sayre Jenkinson

Disclaimer:  The following article was researched and written by a member of the CBHSNA. The article has not been edited by the CBHSNA and its contents and facts not been verified with the CBHSNA but are the direct result of research and information gathered by the author.

In offering this article to the CBHSNA website, I wish to comment on my ancestral connection to the Cleveland Bay breed which overwhelmingly influenced my purchase of IdleHour Forio.


Our First Event


From the Equine Journal - December 2009

I had entered one of my driving horses in the Sunrise Ridge HDT for the March 28th event that takes place on the property of Kate Morgan in Paradise Texas.  However, 10 days prior to this the horse I was supposed to take had an issue so my instructor said” why not take Milano.”  To which I responded, “he’s still young at heart, if you are going and would be my navigator I will do the best I can,” Yes, I will do that for you, said Tom O’Carroll.