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The Cleveland Bay in Publication

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The Cleveland Bay


From Topline Ink Equestrian Journal - January 2008fsagacup

If you visit the Cleveland Bay Horse Society website you will see the catch phrase, "A British horse with a history and a future". By itself, this phrase may not make a whole lot of sense to those who don't know the breed, but a little knowledge will explain all. The Cleveland Bay is a horse with a rich and interesting history. It also happens to be a horse that a mere 40 years ago, was on the brink of extinction. Due to the dedication of Queen Elizabeth II and the many breeders around the world the Cleveland Bay has increased in numbers to boast 700 worldwide. Still critically endangered, the future does now look promising for this most noble of breeds.


Cleveland Bays “Demystified”


From the Equine Journal - December 2007

Most people know that Cleveland Bay Horses are tall, dark and handsome. Some even know about their links to British nobility. Unfortunately, because Cleveland Bays are indeed rare, too few people have had the opportunity to meet and really get to know this unique breed. With limited and sometimes inaccurate information available, misconceptions abound. Below are three of the most common myths with facts to "demystify" each:

Myth 1
- Cleveland Bays are draft horses that are big, and clunky with no decent movement...