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CBHSNA Initiates Pony Club Recognition Program

From the Equine Journal - March 2010Pony_Club_Article_Photo_1
In an effort to recognize Pony Club members (USA and Canada) who participate in Pony Club riding a Cleveland Bay Horse or Cleveland Bay part bred or sport horse, The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is pleased to announce the initiation of a recognition program for both USPC (United States Pony Club) members as well as Canadian Pony Club members who participate in Pony Club on a pure or partbred Cleveland Bay.
The pure bred Cleveland Bay Horse, a critically endangered breed, has long been recognized as having the heart, stamina and movement to make a winning sport horse.  In addition, the Cleveland Bay is noted for its ease of training and wonderful disposition which makes it a sought-after mount for children.  Because of the prepotency of the breed, when crossed with any other breed, the resulting partbred can be counted on to portray the intelligence, kind disposition and unflappability for which the pure Cleveland Bay Horse is recognized, as well as inheriting the substantial size of bone, soundness of foot, substance, and kind disposition that the Cleveland Bay Horse is noted for.


Gabrielle Gordon, Cleveland Bay Horse Society Member, has enthusiastically spearheaded the effort for this project and has worked very hard to see this program in the United States and Canada, spring to life.    The program is free of charge and runs on the calendar year from January through December.  Gordon reports that she is “thrilled that we have only just implemented the programs in the US and Canada and already we have two inquiries with one full application already received from a US Pony Club member.”

Besides receiving a certificate of recognition, the Pony Club member's name and photo will be published in the BayWatch, the official newsletter of the CBHSNA, and on the CBHSNA’s website. The CBHSNA is actively gathering donations of prizes for the Pony Clubbers, both in the USA and Canada.

Program Eligibility:

  • Applicant must be a current member of The United States Pony Club or The Canadian Pony Club.
  • The horse must be at least one-eighth Cleveland Bay blood, and be CBHS – UK registered (the registering body for all North American born Cleveland Bay horses) or CBHSA (Australia) registered; and
  • The horse need not be owned by the pony club member, but the member must have written permission from owner to participate in the program.
For more information about the program, please contact Gabrielle Gordon, the program’s administrator.  Gordon can be contacted via e-mail at To learn more about the Cleveland Bay horse, please visit the CBHSNA website at To learn more about the Canadian Pony Club, visit: To learn more about the United States Pony Club visit: