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CBHSNA Committees


AGM Committee
Chair:  Daniel Cohen 703-501-9885
Members: Anna Cohen

Breed Committee
Chair: Gabrielle Gordon 817-431-8775
Members:  Milinda Ellis, Suzanne Mohler, Judy Kirsch

Membership Services Committee 
Chair:  Suzanne Mohler  707-235-2290
Members: Milinda Ellis, Anna Cohen, Tracie Traver, Gabrielle Gordon, Penny dePeyer, Brian Neff

Nominations Committee
Chair: Milinda Ellis
Members: Stephanie Sutch, Merrillat Hill, Brandy White, Billy Ellis

Performance Awards Committee
Chair: Gabrielle Gordon 817-431-8775
Members: Cindy Bank, Carol Carson, Milinda Ellis, Dennis Goodwin

Marketing & Public Relations Committee
Chair:  Anna Cohen 703-401-4054
Members: Jackie Roethel, Stephanie Sutch,Tracie Traver, Linda Fluhr

Volunteers for Committee work are always appreciated.  If  you would like to serve on a committee please contact either the chair of the committee via phone or email liks provided above; or the acting President Anna Cohen.