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2022 Rosette Sponsors

CBHSNA Breed Standards and new show information July 29, 2022

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The updated census is now available on the Census and Registration page. Check it out! Here are our current purebred numbers. 64 Stallions, 48 geldings, and 127 mares! Total 239 7 June 2022

See 2021 Sire and Dam Award winners on the Sire and Dam page

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society UK has been kind to share their 2022 SPARKS tables for purebreds and explanation sheets with the CBHSNA. New update April 18, 2022. Please see the changes to graded mares. SPARKS 2022 mating recommendations

SPARKS 2022 explanation sheets

Congratulations to our 2021 Performance Award winners

2022 Chronicle of the Cleveland Bay Horse in North America:
All submissions (articles and ads)
Please send articles and ads print ready (meaning NO edits need to be made). Submit as PDF files. If you send Word
documents, know we will have to “copy and paste,” and will have to place pictures in. We can do that, but for the
sake of time, it’s easier if it comes ready. Recommended photo resolution is 300 dpi, 1200 x 750 pixels
For Articles:
Page set up: 5.5” wide x 8.5” height, 0.25” margins (all sides) on interior pages. Font: Times New Roman, 10 pt
for text body; and 12pt bold for titles. Full justification. Please limit “Member Contributions” articles to 350 words
and two (2) photos. To assist with visualization, this page is set to Times New Roman, 10 pt, with the title in Times
New Roman, 12 pt. This paragraph is set to “Justified” (also known as “Full” justification).
Advertising: Ad space must be pre-paid. Create your own or pay for professional design (see bottom of this page).
Choose your own font and point size. Ads must be print ready (NO edits will be made) and submitted as PDF.
Dimensions below take into account the 0.25” margins, where applicable.
Page Dimensions
(height x width, in inches) Cost
Back Cover 5.5 x 8.5 $125
Full Page 5.0 x 8.0 $100
1/2 Page 5.0 x 4.0 $80
1/4 Page 4.0 x 2.5 $45
Business Card 1.75 x 2.5 $25

Please Note:
Google Hard drive allows people to upload pictures and articles and share the album with others without the risk of
reducing the DPI or quality to email it.
Do not download items from the internet and expect them to print well. The internet DPI is 72-150, unless you pay
for the picture or the ad and then you receive a good quality one.
Please send articles and ads no later than Oct. 1st
so that we have time to get this ready for print and sent to the
printer. Please specify where you want articles and pictures upon sending them.
Designs by Rachel is available to create ads for anyone not comfortable creating their own. For more
information on this service, please contact Rachel Hawkes at or phone

Legacy Mover (Partbred stallion by Forest Fellow) Performance Awards Winner!!!

Rosehill Ranch Cleveland Bays

United State Dressage Federation

Galveston is cover of 2020 Chronicle

2020 Chronicle of the Cleveland Bay Horse in North America. $19.00 USD members/$20 USD non members USA postage included

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Annual North American Purebred Foal production by year:

2021: 11 (8 fillies: 3 colts)
2020: 12 (4 fillies: 5 colts)
2019: 11 (4 fillies; 7 colts), 2018: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2017: 10 (2 fillies; 8 colts), 2016:  9  (2 fillies; 7 colts)
2015: 10 (6 fillies; 3 colts), 2014: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2013: 9 (2 fillies, 7 colts)


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