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Our Mission Statement: To promote the Cleveland Bay horse, preserve its heritage and ensure its future.

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The updated census will soon be available on the Census and Registration page. Here are our current purebred numbers. Total 241 04 September 2023

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society UK has been kind to share their 2023 SPARKS tables for purebreds and explanation sheets with the CBHSNA. New update January 12, 2023. See graded mare updates and to find out how many Graded A and B mares exist write to the CBHS or if a CBHS member check out Grassroots. Here goes SPARKS 2023 recommendations but read the explanation notes first !!!

SPARKS 2023 explanation sheets

Legacy Mover (Partbred stallion by Forest Fellow) Performance Awards Winner!!!

Rosehill Ranch in Oregon, USA Cleveland Sport Horses RHR Casanova (right) and RHR Lunar Eclipse (left) 2022

United State Dressage Federation

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Annual North American Purebred Foal production by year:

2022: Alive – NA only (10 fillies:10 colts: 1 gelding)
Tier A +/=75% but not pure (3 mares:2 colts:1 gelding)
2021: 11 (8 fillies: 3 colts)
2020: 12 (4 fillies: 5 colts)
2019: 11 (4 fillies; 7 colts), 2018: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2017: 10 (2 fillies; 8 colts), 2016:  9  (2 fillies; 7 colts)
2015: 10 (6 fillies; 3 colts), 2014: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2013: 9 (2 fillies, 7 colts)2


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