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Cleveland Bay purebred horses in North America

As of 1 November 2020: Purebred mares/fillies: 109, purebred stallions/colts: 61; purebred geldings; 45 Total = 215

Figures do not reflect “lost” horses.  There are 20 overseas purebreds on the census.

Click here for the Census page information Autumn 2020 census available now!

United State Dressage Federation

The CBHSNA actively participates in the All Breeds Awards program as well as the National Dressage finals.

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Continuing in 2020 “OH CANADA” AWARD The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is happy to have the “Oh Canada” Award for the 2020 competition year.

Sponsored by the Richmond  family of Hundred  Acre Wood  Boarding and Riding  in Jefferson, Maine. Awarded to the performance awards high point pure or part bred Cleveland Bay competing primarily in Canada, owned or leased by a Canadian resident. Winner receives a watercolor head portrait of their CB, matted and framed. Winner required to submit a digital image of the horse (with photo copyright permission, if applicable) in 3/4 view, shoulders, neck, and head in color. Winner must submit the photo no later than six (6) months after notified of winning the award. For more information write

American Driving Society

The CBHSNA is a breed partner with the ADS

Heritage Livestock Canada supports rare livestock breeds in Canada.

The CBHSNA is a member.

Annual North American Purebred Foal production by year:

2019: 11 (4 fillies; 7 colts), 2018: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2017: 10 (2 fillies; 8 colts), 2016:  9  (2 fillies; 7 colts)
2015: 10 (6 fillies; 3 colts), 2014: 8 (3 fillies; 5 colts)
2013: 9 (2 fillies, 7 colts)


The CBHSNA thanks all sponsors including our corporate sponsors who help fund our many awards programs. Write to learn more. Please consider supporting our sponsors.

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