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Cleveland Bay Stallion, Hannibal No. 229, 1884. I wondered if you had any information on this stallion? Hannibal was purchased in May 1890 by several men in Ottawa County Kansas. My gg-grandfather, Geroge Stratton, was one of those men.

I am attaching a newspaper article from around that date about this Cleveland Bay Stallion.

It would be so good to hear from you!


Marc Trueb
Oregon City, OR

Wild Bill Hickock was known to use only Cleveland Bay horses in his Wild West Show. He died in 1876 and had lived in Kansas from 1858 to 1867. It’s possible and even likely, due to the rarity of the breed, that your GG grandfather purchased one of Wild Bill’s CB’s from the family. I hope this is helpful and interesting information. You can Google all of the details to confirm.

I wish you all the best in your search.
Toni Shelton

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