USPC (Pony Club) Awards

Pony Club Recognition Program and USPC Championships High Point Awards. Two separate programs available for students active in Pony Club programs. If student participates in Canadian or Mexican programs contact our office for more information.

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  1. Pony Club Recognition Program

Goal:  To recognize Pony Club members who participate in Pony Club riding a Cleveland Bay or a Cleveland Bay part bred/sport horse. 

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America is pleased to announce recognition programs for Canadian and United States Pony Club members who participate in Pony Club on a pure or part bred Cleveland Bay.  The Cleveland Bay, an endangered breed, has long been recognized as having the heart, stamina and movement to make a winning sport horse.  In addition, the Cleveland Bay is easily trainable and has a wonderful disposition that makes it the perfect mount for children.   Because of the prepotency of the breed, when crossed with any other breed, the part bred can be counted on to portray the intelligence and kind disposition for which the Cleveland Bay is noted.


  1. •Applicant must be a current member of either the Canadian or United States Pony Club.
  2. •The horse must be at least 1/8th Cleveland Bay blood, and registry paperwork indicating Cleveland Bay ancestry..
  3. •The horse need not be owned by the Pony Club member, but the Pony Club member must have written permission from the horse owner to participate in the program.
  4. •Fully complete and submit a Pony Club Recognition Application along with other required documentation and a photo.

Applications accepted at anytime during the year. Processing applications may be delayed during holiday and end of show season.  For more information contact: or Gabrielle Gordon, 76 Corral Drive North, Keller, Texas 76244 or 817-431-8775

Pony Club FAQ’s

Recipients of the CBHSNA Pony Club Recognition Program Award

Olivia Richmond & Senators Morning Glory aka Cypress PB 4298

Lara Magill & Idle Secret PB 4342

Justine Eberhart &

Heaven Sent PB 4097

Rebekah Washer & Foxhollow Regatta

aka Brilliant

United States Pony Club Championship Awards

2. United States Pony Club Championship High Point Awards

The CBHSNA is sponsoring the high score rider of a pure or part-bred Cleveland Bay at the USPC Championships for all disciplines. CBHSNA membership is not required. Application must be postmarked no later than July 1st. For more information, or assistance of having your Cleveland Bay registered visit write contact Gabrielle Gordon, 76 Corral Drive North, Keller, Texas 76244 or 817-431-8775  Pony Club Application