Member Services

CBHSNA members received many benefits. These include subscription to the Bay Watch and the Chronicle of the Cleveland Bay Horse in North America. Members who sell Cleveland Bays may give the buyers a free Bay Watch subscription for the rest of that calendar year.

2021 SPARKS Purebred Breeding Guides (Version 2 available 14 Jan 2021)

By kind permission of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society (UK), we are posting the 2021 SPARKS explanation documents and SPARKS breeding tables. Click on each to see the 2021 Explanation guide and 2021 Individual Mare sheets. January 7, 2021

CBHSNA Publication Schedule
BayWatch (e-newsletter)
    Winter Issue  – submissions due January 15/distribution Feb
    Spring Issue  – submissions due April 15/distribution May
    Summer Issue – submissions due June 15/distribution late June
    Autumn Issue – submissions due September 15/distribution late September
    Send submissions to by the submission deadline date.

Board Meetings
Board Meetings are usually held monthly.  If you would like a copy of approved meeting minutes; contact the CBHSNA Secretary with your request.  Members are welcome to audit (listen in on) the Board Meetings.  To make arrangements to do so please contact the President or the Secretary.

Annual General Meetings
The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held via teleconference.

CBHSNA Annual General Meeting of Members will be held on

Saturday, 20 November 2021 NEW DATE
Start time:
17:00 hrs (4PM), Eastern Time
16:00 hrs (3PM) Central Time
15:00 hrs (2PM) Mountain Time
14:00 hrs (1PM) Pacific Time

Any members wishing to attend please contact the AGM Chair.  Previous years’ AGM meeting minutes can be obtained by contacting the CBHSNA Secretary with your request. email

Certificate of Incorporation
A copy of the CBHSNA Certificate of Incorporation can be obtained by contacting the CBHSNA Secretary with your request.