Census and Registration Information

CLEVELAND BAY CENSUS Updated 2 March 2024

Here you will find the most current posted version of the online census. This census, managed and maintained by the CBHSNA and includes pure bred and partbred Cleveland Bay Horses.  The data includes general horse statistics and references the geographic region where the horse is located.

The data included in this census has originated from a variety of sources over a number of years and is a working document. We welcome you to open and peruse the file to see if your horse is listed in the current census. If you find that you have data to add or modify, please send an email to info@clevelandbay.org 

Transparency and sharing information may be the best way to save any breed. If anyone reading this has DNA reports on your horse you are willing to share with the CBHSNA, it will help a bunch to identify horses that are suspected CB and CBxs who don’t have enough documentation to prove it.

A Census Form is available for ease of use when submitting your census information. Download Census Form.

The census link is under construction. Copy and paste below into your system to see the census. Corrections are under way. A few came in just after it was completed, and we will announce those in our next Bay Watch.

NOTICE: The December 2023 census is under revision. Requests for an easier to read format has fouled up many fields. When the glitch is corrected, the census will be reposted. Webmaster 2 March 2024

Population of Cleveland Bays in North America See link for a more clear copy

Updated: 7 June 2022 Spring 2022

Send any corrections to: info@clevelandbay.org

Many thanks to all who contribute to the census and all who compile and publish this information for all to have access.

Population Map of Cleveland Bays in North America 12.13.2023


The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America encourages all owners of purebred and partbred Cleveland Bay horses to register their stock. There are several options available when it comes to registration. If you have purchased a Cleveland Bay and are unsure if it is registered or not, contact us.  With our extensive database and records we should be able to provide the information for you. If you have a CB horse that you would like to register or double register there are several options available. See the various organizations below.  Each organization has different options and requirements.

International Cleveland Bay Registry (ICBR, LLC)

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation CLRC

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society – UK (CBHS) 

Cleveland Bay Horse Society of Australasia (CBHSA)

Additionally, there are a wide variety of warmblood and sport horse registries available in North America. If you need help or assistance with the registration of your Cleveland Bay, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Although the CBHSNA is not a registry, we are familiar with many registry options and are here to help should you need it.  Contact us at: info@clevelandbay.org