Field Hunter Rules

On A Mission with Sharon Hanna Photo courtesy of Pat Michaels

Purpose: To offer a standardized recognition for purebred and partbred Cleveland Bays actively participating in organized foxhunting activities.

Eligibility: This program is free of charge and open to all registered horses with at least 1/8th Cleveland Bay blood.    Applicant (whether owner or lessor) must be a member of the CBHS-North America (NA) when hunts occur and when application and log pages are submitted to the administrator.  (clarification 9 Feb 2022)

Bayhill Alnair with Sharon Hanna

Requirements: Horses must be fairly hunted at least (six) 6 times at formal or informal hunts and this may be accomplished during more than one hunting season.  Fixture dates may differ according to the specific region or continent.   Horse may be Field Hunter or staff horse.  In order for a given hunting session to qualify toward the six (6) needed for certification, a Master of Foxhounds must certify that the horse has participated in the hunt for a minimum of (two) 2 hours, unless the Master ends the hunt day earlier.  Additionally, each time the horse is out on a hunt, the Master shall certify that the horse appropriately exemplified the characteristics and behavior of a qualified field hunter, which means it behaved properly in the hunt field and did not present any danger to its rider, other horses, or hounds.

Process: Applicants seeking certification for their horse will keep log sheets, which will be submitted to CBHSNA upon completion of the requirements.  Certification is based on the horse, and different riders may hunt the horse to qualify for certification.  Following review and approval by CBHSNA, the applicant will receive a certificate stating that the given horse has qualified as a CBHSNA Recognized Field hunter.  Log pages and application must be returned within one (1) calendar year of completing requirements or will become invalid.

Send completed forms,  a copy of log sheets, a copy of horse‚Äôs registration indicating the Cleveland Bay ancestry (if not already on file with the Performance Awards program), and field hunter certification application to:

Gabrielle Gordon
Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America
76 Corral Drive North
Keller, TX   76244-5009
Please do not hesitate to submit questions and comments  so it may be improved each year.


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